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When was the last time you worked on your own character?

As a public speaker, personal development coach and professional actor, I work closely with other actors, performers, agents, producers, casting directors and creative businesses to recognise and define areas for their own personal development. We then work together to establish your script, your story, your objectives and your goals. 


As performers, producers and creative industry professionals, we spend so much time in the heads of others, creating ideas, devising characters, writing stories, learning scripts and developing scenarios, for others to consume, that it is easy, and commonplace, to neglect ourselves and our own personal development.  


It's only when you pause to reflect and consider your own stories, reflect on your own experiences and think in depth about your own future, that you can begin develop the most important character of all...



With over 15 years experience in the creative sector including acting, writing, presenting, voiceover, TV production and a number of senior leadership roles in creative businesses, I have developed a deep understanding of, and respect for, the unique challenges of this complex, rewarding and demanding industry. 


I also have a genuine appreciation of the impact that these demands can have on the very people who put themselves out there for the benefit of others. 


So I have combined these experiences and now, as a professional actor, speaker and personal development professional, I work with other actors, performers, producers, casting directors, directors and creative businesses to achieve clarity, focus and personal growth.


This is achieved through a process of self analysis and goal setting and delivered through a combination of personalised 1-2-1 coaching sessions and group workshops.

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